Festive NOTD

I don’t remember ever making a NOTD process post.. Well this is about to change. I present you my purple festive nails! I recently got some new nail polishes from Avon, so I was itching to try them out. I had a very specific look in mind when I thought of what I should do and the result is exactly what I wanted. Hope this gives you some inspiration for Christmas and New Years Eve parties.

This is going to be another picture-flooded post, but bare with me, okay? (: Here’s what I used:
AVON Liquid Freeze; Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, AVON nail polish in Orchid Splash; Maybelline nail polish in Dark Plum; AVON Dazzlers glittery top coat in Fuchsia Dazzle; an old makeup sponge

1. Apply 2 coats of the pinkish-purple nail polish (this polish is opaque in 1 thick coat or 2 coats)

2. Dab dark polish on the tips, creating a gradient
3. Apply glitter on the tips of the nails (I wish there’d be a tiny bit more glitter in the polish, but the color is amazing nevertheless)

4. Apply clear top coat

5. Spray some fast-drying spray on the nails (LOVE the Avon one, it smells really good and does it’s job!)

And voila! I really like the outcome and think it’d look amazing with maybe gold and red together. The glitter adds some sparkle, perfect for the holiday season. I might try the gold+red version during Christmas, we’ll see. Do you like it? Have you done anything similar? 

Hope you’re having a wonderful December!

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