Makeup: Maybelline & Avon swatches

I’ve had these pictures in my computer for a while, waiting for me to do something with them. So here I am, doing something. I’ve gotten a few little eyeshadow palettes over the last few weeks and I decided to show them to you as well. Maybelline has brought out new Big Eyes line and I have one of the eyeshadow palettes from there. Avon has reformulated most of their makeup so they’d have more pigment and more vibrant colors. I didn’t use any primer on these photos. So here come the swatches for all of the palettes I have:
Pildid neist lauvärvidest on tükk aega oma korda oodanud. Maybelline’l tulid välja uued Big Eyes lauvärvipaletid ning Avon on enamike oma jumestustoodete koostist paremaks muutnud. Otsustasin kõik oma viimaste nädalate jooksul saadud lauvärvid ühte postitusse kokku tuua. Piltide tegemisel praimerit ma lauvärvide all ei kasutanud.  
Avon True Color eyeshadow duo in Warm Cashmere. This is a great everyday color range. The lighter color is barely visible on the swatch picture, which means it’s almost flesh toned, but has a slight shimmer. Nothing too overwhelming but enough to catch the light. The shade is dark/light enough to be worn completely alone or with the darker color blended into the crease/lashlines. 
Avon True Color lauvärvi duo toonis Warm Cashmere. Ideaalne igapäevane palett, kus heledam toon on piisavalt tume/hele üksi kandmiseks. Kui sellest jääb väheks, näeb tumedam värv koopajoonel või ripsmepiiril väga kaunis välja. 

Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Mod Muse. This is a very romantic palette. The colors are soft and girly, the black in there is perfect for a soft eyeliner. And as you can see the black is very pigmented. This was the biggest surprise for me. Out of all the four palettes, this is the one I’ve tried and used the most. 
Avon True Color lauvärvikvartett toonis Mod Muse. See on kõigist kõige romantilisem. Toonid on selles väga kerged ja naiselikud, sügav ja tugeva pigmendiga must võib mängida laineri rolli. 

Avon True Color eyeshadow quad in Urban Skyline. This palette is absolutely perfect for an evening out on the town. First thing on my mind when I saw the colors was “smoky eye”. If you love grey eyeshadows, this can easily be one of those “day to night” eyeshadow palettes. 
Avon True Color lauvärvikvartett toonis Urban Skyline. Üks neist “päevast õhtusse” palettidest. Ideaalne hallide toonide armastajatele päevaseks kasutuseks ning pea igaühele õhtuse suitsusilma jaoks. 

Last but not least the Maybelline Big Eyes quad in Luminous Blue. When I saw the other palettes I realized this in one of my least favorites in the line. Nevertheless, the pigment is great and again this is pretty much one of those everyday palettes, but with a little blue twist. I also did a little makeup tutorial for Maybelline here. The beginning of the video is in Estonian but during the tutorial there’s no talking. (: What are your experiences with Avon and Maybelline eyeshadows? 
Viimasena Maybelline Big Eyes lauvärvikvartett toonis Luminous Blue. Kogu selle sarja üks mu vähem lemmikumaid, kuid ilus sellegipoolest. Hea igapäevane värvikombo, millele sinine lisab oma särtsu. Tegin Maybelline toodete testimise tarbeks ühe video siin. Millised on Sinu kogemused Avoni ja Maybelline’i lauvärvidega?


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